Spatial Survey

Interview 01:    Jane
Interview 02:   Yvonne
Interview 03:   Rachel
Interview 04:   Ana
Interview 05:   Tess
Interview 06:   Paul
Interview 07:   Michelle
Interview 08:   Chloe
Interview 09:   Lydia
Interview 10:    Phoebe
Interview 11:     Kelly
Interview 12:    Tara
Interview 13:    Valerie
Interview 14:    Joy
Interview 15:    Nicole
Interview 16:    Charlie

1. Survey based on video interviews with sixteen Fifth Ward households, held between August and September, 2020. Nine households provided follow-up clarifications on draft drawings in December 2020.

2. Pseudonyms are used, addresses are omitted, and site amenities are generalized to protect participant privacy.

3. Residents over 18 years are counted as “adults” in Household Size, even if they are the participant’s children.

4. House pets are noted, but not counted in Household Size.

5. Property year built and construction type information are derived from HCAD where possible, unless specifically mentioned by the participant.

6. The Persons Per Room metric included in each interview is the household size divided by the number of finished rooms in the dwelling. The American Community Survey’s definition of finished rooms includes bedrooms, kitchens, living, dining, and recreation spaces. Open-plan living/dining with unenclosed kitchens are counted as a single room. This excludes bathrooms, laundries, utility rooms, garages and unenclosed porches. Drawing from a 2007 HUD report, a PPR of >1.00 indicates overcrowding and >1.50, severe overcrowding.