Interview 01: Jane
August 18, 2020
Stress self-rating: 5    
1 = no stress, 5 = extremely stressed
Living with extended family
Looking after children full-time

House Type
Single storey single family home Approx. 1,000 sf
3 Bed + 1 Bath
Built 1940s, frame / concrete block
Household Size:    12
6 Children                
3 Adults                    
3 Grandparents      
Persons Per Room  2.40

Jane lives in an intergenerational household of twelve in her grandparents’ home near a freeway: with her partner, six children ranging 5 months to 16 years, mother, uncle, grandmother, and grandfather who undergoes dialysis three times a week. Inescapable proximity poses daily challenges for social distancing, not only from grandparents who isolate in thei  r room, but also from her uncle, who quarantined after experiencing COVID symptoms. Major sources of stress include extreme indoor heat during summer (alleviated by cardboard and foil over windows) and pest ingress. The 1950s wood-framed house is not fully weatherproof and still bears damage from Hurricane Harvey. With parks closed, their backyard provides outdoor playspace. Even though her mother helps babysit, Jane finds it difficult to leave for groceries with so many children at home. They do not have home internet, and are still waiting for school laptops and hotspots 6 months into the pandemic. 