Interview 04: Ana
August 20, 2020
Stress self-rating: 5     
1 = no stress, 5 = extremely stressed
Looking after children full-time
Lost housekeeping job in pandemic
House Type
Lower storey duplex
Approx. 650 sf
1 Bed + 1 Bath
Built 1950s, brick / veneer
Household Size:    5
2 Children                
3 Adults                    
Persons Per Room  1.67

Even before the pandemic, Ana was already living with home stress due to overcrowding. Her household of five (herself and four sons aged between 3 and 21) share a one-bedroom duplex.  During the stay-at-home order, home overcrowding did not only affect sleeping arrangements, but also her school-aged child’s ability to concentrate with schoolwork. Ana expressed deep concerns about how they would all live in the small space if someone caught COVID-19. Ana lost her housekeeping work due to the pandemic, creating additional financial pressure. Ana’s biggest concern was the house’s need for physical repairs: from holes in vinyl flooring posing trip hazards, to ceiling tears and water marks, loose electrical outlet, and poor sealing around the bathtub which brought pests indoors. While waiting for the owner’s repairs, she has self-repaired the bathroom wall gap with foam, and the covered damaged floor with cardboard. 