Interview 11: Kelly
August 22, 2020
Stress self-rating: 5        
1 = no stress, 5 = extremely stressed
Food service work
Reduced employment in pandemic
House Type
Two storey apartment
in large complex
Approx. 1,300 sf
3 Bed + 1 Bath
Built 1930s, Brick
Household Size:    6
4 Children                
2 Adults                    
1 Pet (dog)                
Persons Per Room  1.20

Kelly lives in a two-story apartment with her fiancé and four kids ranging in age from 5 to 16. The family also has a pet dog who likes to run around in the backyard green space. During the lockdown, 3 of her 4 kids were supposed to have graduation ceremonies, but everything was cancelled, so Kelly held a small graduation party with about 5 of their friends at a nearby park. Kelly’s major concerns during the lockdown stemmed from issues with management. Rats were a huge problem in the apartment, likely due to overflowing trash at a nearby dumpster, the lights went out multiple times during lockdown, and inadequate AC made the apartment feel very hot during the summer. Kelly asked for a renovation of her apartment, and permission to paint the apartment walls, but was denied on all accounts. During lockdown, Kelly’s “sacred space” was the backyard porch, where the family would have their meals. 